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Categories: Carpet, Carpet Tiles

We have a huge variety of carpets for every possible domestic and commercial application

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Categories: Sheet, Tiles, Planks

With the latest Vinyl Technologies, there are many practical and durable options for any room or space

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Click Systems

Laminate is a sturdy hard-wearing product that resembles various hardwoods and has an easy to install click system over underlay 

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Categories: Engineered, Solid Strandwoven

The much loved look, texture and high density appeal of bamboo flooring has excellent durability and reliability underfoot

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Categories: Resilience, Aqua Tuf

The variety and popularity of timber-look Hybrid flooring is growing in residential and commercial projects

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All rugs Large and Small

Come into our Showroom and check out our range of Rugs for all occasions and spaces 

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Marine Carpet

Categories: Pontoon Carpet, Marine Carpet

Yes we do have you covered if you need to replace/install marine grade carpet on your pontoon or other outdoor area

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Floor Care Tips

Categories: All Flooring Types

Once your new flooring is installed and in use, there are ways to care for it, keep it in good condition and prolong its life

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Flooring Installations

All Flooring Types

Our flooring Installation Team are prompt, professional and really know their stuff. You will be very happy with the installation services we provide 

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